About The PFG

The People Focused Group are a group of people who decided not to be “ Service Users” and create a new identity as members of their own DPULO ( Disabled Persons user Led Organisation). They now work alongside Active Independence, Doncaster Over 50′s,The Monday Club, Doncaster Central neighbourhood team Intake Tara, Intake and Balby Libraries and more to form a Doncaster Community Alliance..

Official meetings are at 4pm, 45 Montrose Avenue, Intake, Doncaster. The meetings and membership is open to everyone in our community . Our Wellness Centre based at 45 Montrose Avenue, Intake is open every day and provides extra services such as CV and Job search advice, etc. We  launched our ” Food Bank” concept in Intake ( Doncaster) on February the 15th at the Wellness Centre. We have developed into a national award winning Peer Support group and run a range of wellness activities within the community. Our aim is to promote wellness through greater community involvement and investment in our citizens. We are a fun, dynamic and supportive group of people that make a real difference in our community. We are never afraid to get our voices heard and actively champion the issues that are important to the people of Doncaster.

Links to our services are below.